Our Songs...

Dennis and Lacey have been sharing their singing and songwriting talents for most of their lives. This particular collection of music is a first time collaborative effort that begins to explore their unique sound together. These songs are a snapshot of their life's journey at a difficult time. 

Whispers of Eternity was borne out of the strong desire to encourage and help those who are dealing with the disease of Alzheimer's either as a patient or as a family member or friend. The collection of songs reflects different parts of this journey. "We are trying to create and be a part of a community of people who rely on God's guidance, help and grace to hold us up as we support each other." 

As they are able, Whispers of Eternity is recording ten more songs, eight which have already been written and two that are yet to be, in order to complete this record. They would love to pre-sell enough of this album in order to fund the recording process. Help them out, if you'd like, and they will continue to record and play their music for all who will listen and need this encouragement. 

Wake Up In Heaven - Whispers of Eternity
Give Me Jesus - Whispers of Eternity
Not Alone - Whispers of Eternity
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